One stickie at a time

So just when I thought New York’s urban bloggers couldn’t squeeze any more glee out of me this week, following Christoph Niemann’s I LEGO NY, you guys at Urban Omnibus go and post about one of my favorite design provocateurs, Candy Chang. Her post-its, mostly stuck to the storefronts of my own Brooklyn neighborhood, so perfectly illustrate what my grad students at NYU’s ITP are thinking about in their Service Design for Public Spaceclass right now: How does local lore, the invisible knowledge of a place, come alive in situ? What stories emerge, what new experiences become possible where data space and physical place overlap? That sort of thing. Ms. Chang is one of special breed of designers who, with light-footed visual wit and serious intent, prove what powerful agents for social change people-who-like-drawing-and-thinking really are. Obama even gave us a shout out in his inaugural speech, referring to what we ‘can achieve when imagination is combined with common purpose’. One stickie at a time. Note to self.


Rachel Abrams is Creative Director of collaborative design practice Turnstone Consulting LLC in New York. She is teaching Service Design for Public Space to a class at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. In 2007, she co-edited Taxi07: Roads Forward, as a Fellow of the Design Trust for Public Space.

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