Now that’s what I call a meet-up

The first impromptu Omnibus meet-up, thanks in large part to our friends at WNYC, was a huge success. More than 80 people showed up to explore the Newtown Creek Nature Walk with its designer, artist and longtime creek explorer George Trakas. George graciously shared design strategies, local histories and anecdotes from a ten-year design and construction process with the assembled urban enthusiasts.

There were lots of cameras snapping away, ours included. We’ve added some photos to WNYC’s Cityscapes Flickr group, and so should you. Be sure to tag them urbanomnibus!

Andrea from WNYC recorded video testimonials of where people want to explore next. We’ll post a link as soon as those go up.  If you couldn’t make it – where do you want to go next? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Thanks to everyone that came out for the event!  We had a blast, and can’t wait for the next one.

2 Responses to “Now that’s what I call a meet-up”

  1. On May 1, 2010 Shorewalkers will lead THE GREAT SAUNTER OF 2010 which will go thorough some 20 parks on Manhattan’s rim including the RIVERBANK STATE PARK
    Check out

    During the 1990’s I led walks through the elegant and enormous sewerage treatment plant on the Hudson which extends from 136th to 145th Street. Fascinating conglomeration of pipes and ponds.
    We billed these as Shorewalks and also walked through Riverside Park and the topside park.

    Atop the vast rectangular facility is a beautiful and much- used recreation area the Riverbank State Park.

    We would like to see other industrial facilities used in similar creative manners, and have all facilities open to the public.

    Cheers, Cy A Adler

  2. Can anything be built on top of the pointy onion domes?

    What is the technological or economic justification for the shape ?

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