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August 4th, 2010 no comments
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Here at Urban Omnibus we have been fortunate over the past two years to find a series of outstanding interns who have proved themselves to be integral to this project’s development and operation. With August’s arrival, we again bid one team of associates farewell and now begin the search for a few hard-working interns-to-be for the fall and winter. If you are interested, or know somebody who might be, read on…

The Omnibus office is a collaborative work environment. Interns work closely with the staff on a wide variety of tasks. We expect all candidates to have a curiosity for and interest in design, architecture and urbanism and strong communication, organization and writing skills. Beyond those fundamentals, we welcome applications from individuals from all fields of study or interest. Aspiring journalists, cartographers, planners, graphic designers, writers, media producers, architects, technologists, artists, or urban enthusiasts of any sort are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities vary from day to day, but often include research, writing, publication preparation, administrative tasks, or audience-building efforts. If an applicant expresses interest in any particular aspect of the job, we do our best to both nurture and mine those interests for the mutual benefit of both the intern and the project. Opportunities arise frequently for interns to write for our Forum, and we welcome pitches for potential features that would be developed in collaboration with the editors. This is an unpaid internship, though we are open to discussing independent study or credit opportunities. Hours are flexible, though regularity in schedule is preferred.

For more information about the internship and how to submit an application, download this PDF. Come join the Omnibus team!

Omnibus internship Fall 2010 - full

Varick Shute is the project manager of Urban Omnibus.

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