Omnibus Idea Posters Now Available!

Omnibus Idea Posters

In April 2011, we decided to spotlight some of the ideas that have appeared on Urban Omnibus — 50 Ideas for the New City — and broadcast them online, in person and on the walls and surfaces of New York. A series of six “Idea Posters” appeared on fences, scaffolds and storefronts from Jamaica, Queens to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and many places in between (check out some photos below).

UPDATE: The “Idea Posters” are no longer available as a thank you gift with a donation to Urban Omnibus. A very limited number of the posters are left in stock — please contact to inquire about purchasing one. Please consider supporting Urban Omnibus in other ways!

And now we are offering them to you, as a thank you gift when you donate to Urban Omnibus. Urban Omnibus is a project of the Architectural League of New York, a non-profit organization, and is supported in part by contributions from readers like you. Reader support lets us continue to bring you ideas and strategies for greener, smarter and fairer cities.

With a donation of $25, you will receive one poster of your choosing. With a donation of $60, you may choose any three of the six posters. Donate $100 or more and you will receive a complete set of Omnibus Idea Posters. Click here to learn about more ways to support Urban Omnibus, or click here to make a donation now.

These beautiful posters were designed by Civic Center, a New Orleans-based firm whose principals, James Reeves and Candy Chang, were part of the team that designed and have each contributed features and forum posts to the site.

Posters are 24″×36″. Please note that some of the photographs below show larger versions of the posters.

Omnibus Posters - Graham Ave

Omnibus Posters - Broadway

Omnibus Posters - Brooklyn Flea

Omnibus Posters - Brooklyn Flea

Omnibus Posters - Fashion Center

Omnibus Posters - StreetFest

Omnibus Posters - East Fourth Street

3 Responses to “Omnibus Idea Posters Now Available!”

  1. Antonia Fredman says:

    Hi. Can you tell me the dimensions of the posters? And any idea when this offer will close? Thanks.

  2. Varick Shute says:

    Hi Antonia,

    The posters are 24″x36″ and will be available while supplies last!


    Varick, UO

  3. Melinda Wax says:

    There is a true mix of genius here with these knock out posters and the opportunity to help Urban Omnibus. A great way to get something done by Candy and James which won’t be dissembled or erased….and you get to can live with at home or work! I loved seeing them around the city – excellent vibe all around!

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