HABITAT- MARY SANSONE MARY SANSONE, age 95, a political radical at home where she has lived for over 50 years at 1451 59th Street in Boro Park section of Brooklyn. MARY SANSONE and tenant Dr JEAN-LUC CHARLOT, a graduate of St Georges University in Grenada. Photo of MARY SANSONE WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA, taken at Federal Hall. Early family portrait of little 6 moth old MARY SANSONE, with her mother, MARTHA CRISALLI and sister JOSEPHINE CRISALLI, age 3. Wedding photo of MARY SANSONE and her husband ZACHARY oin 30 June 1949. She was 34 years old. A young lady, MARY SANSONE, at age 24.Shot of her father ROCCO CRISALLI, circa 1940, on Henry Street in Brooklyn. He was a Union Orghanizer. Little red book, Industrial Workers of the World, belonging to her father, a union organizer, in 1903. Shot of her children and grandchildren; GENE-PAUL PACELLI (jackie/tie/earrings) ZACHARY SANSONE (smiling/shirt/tie). CARMELA SANSONE (daughter) Phd. RALPH SANSONE (white suit at presentation board). He was killed in a plane crash at age 32 in 1986. Shot of various needlepoint flower paintings framed in the dining room. During her sleepless two years after Ralph’s death, she made these. Group photo of; Grandfather ZACHARY CRISALLI, grandson ZACHARY SANSONE, GENE-PAUL SANSONE and grandma MARY SANSONE. Living room painting of MARY SANSONE, with statue of liberty. Interior shots of the living room, dining room and upstairs bedroom. Shot of various gifts; wax candle, china dinnerware, lusterware pitchers. Times/Chester Higgins Jr. 10106666A NYT CREDIT: Chester Higgins Jr. NYTCREDIT: Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

Published 01-30-2011: HomesteadMary Sansone, a social worker, community organizer and all-around concerned citizen, has lived in the same memento-packed house for 55 years. Needlepoint filled her hours after her son died in 1986 at age 32 in a plane accident. Below, a wedding photo of Mary and Zachary Sansone, her late husband.

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