A Walk with Frank Duffy

Frank Duffy and Rosalie Genevro reflect on the buildings of Lower Manhattan, critically assessing what our use of commercial space can tell us about our changing city.

The Omnibus Roundup – July 4th, Javits, Coney, the Tube, Superfund

The Omnibus Roundup – Goo Gone, toxic creeks, megaprojects

The Omnibus Roundup – Coney, infrastructure, BRT, taxi sharing & global street food

The Roundup keeps you up to date with topics we’ve featured, and other goings on at the intersection of design and New York City’s built environment. After public consideration of competing visions for Coney Island's future, the City's plan for the iconic seaside

Queens Plaza: Infrastructure Reframed

Sandro Marpillero, Linda Pollak and Margie Ruddick share perspectives on their transformation of Queens Plaza, recasting the relationship between ecology, art and infrastructure.

The Omnibus Roundup – rooftop, High Line, Reef, Bronx River, insects & traffic,

A Conversation with Robin Chase

The founder of Zipcar and GoLoco talks about everything from mesh networks to taxi stands to why "infrastructure is destiny."

The Omnibus Roundup – Beaux Arts Ball, meet-ups, Floating Pool, billyburg walks

The Omnibus Roundup – Broadway, overleverage, Putting Lot, taxis, Manhattanhenge

The Omnibus Roundup – subways, rebloggings, street design, Newtown, concrete