Imagining Recovery

Architecture students Wayne Congar and Troy Therrien share the back story of the design competition they organized to invite new visions of post-financial crisis America.

Newtown Creek meet-up and tour this Thursday!

Make a Difference in Two Days

Bryan Bell, founder of Design Corps, invites young designers to design and build a project in the public interest, from found materials, in two days.

George Trakas at the Water’s Edge: Newtown Creek

Artist and longtime creek explorer George Trakas shows us around the Nature Walk he designed at Newtown Creek.

Who takes care of New York?

STEW-MAP plots the experience of more than 600 caretaker groups ranging in size and scope from informal block associations to national membership organizations.

Brooklyn at Eye Level

The theater company The Civilians has investigated all viewpoints on the Atlantic Yards development proposal as an inroad to broader urban issues of home and neighborhood change.

Ulrich Franzen’s Street

Ulrich Franzen's 1969 film articulates a bold vision to reclaim Manhattan’s congested streets. 40 years later, we're still talking about the same thing.

Urban Agriculture: East New York: Agricultural Organizing

Deborah Greig, Urban Agriculture Coordinator for East New York Farms!, explains the history of the organization in the context of the neighborhood.

Urban Agriculture: East New York: Land Transfers

In this piece, Holly Leicht, Deputy Commissioner of Development at HPD, explains the recent history of the city's involvement in East New York.

Urban Agriculture: East New York: Asset Mapping

In this chapter, we hear from Perry Winston, an architect formerly with the Pratt Center, who has worked with the community since the early 1990s.