What is Service Design?

Our economy consists of both goods and services. Traditionally, design has focused on one, not the other. Laura Forlano talks to leading practitioners in this emerging field.

Underline: The Culver Viaduct

John McGill argues for the repurposing of seemingly inaccessible and underutilized infrastructural spaces and proposes an alternative vision for the Culver Viaduct renovation.


Janette Kim and Erik Carver discuss Underdome, an ambitious attempt to classify contending energy agendas and to examine their implications for public life.

Project: Interaction

Interaction designers Carmen Dukes and Katie Koch create a curriculum for high school students in which the city itself is the classroom.

Canal Nest Colony

FASLANYC chronicles the progression, from design experiment to multi-disciplinary operation, of a small group effort to celebrate and activate the ecology of the Gowanus Canal.

Studio Reports

Reimagining Towers-in-the-Park

Roy Strickland describes a student project that combines infill development, real estate financing and urban design to re-envision the housing projects of the Lower East Side.

Field Report: London Festival of Architecture 2010

Sarah Ichioka and Moira Lascelles discuss the benefits of public assembly and a shared sense of possibility, offering lessons for a similar event in NYC.


Mitch McEwen founded SUPERFRONT as a gallery and project space for architectural experimentation. Listen to her share its backstory and check out glimpses of the space in action.

The Candela Structures: Architecture as Storytelling

Kirsten Hively visits the Candela Structures, relics of the 1964/5 World’s Fair, and encourages us to investigate the stories behind our city’s forgotten structures and spaces.

The Robin Hood Library at Bronx P.S. 69

Following last week’s panel discussion on the Robin Hood Library Initiative, we take an in-depth look at the library of P.S. 69 in the Bronx.