Vinegar Hill to the Pencil Factory

If you follow Navy Street to Flushing and head north to Kent Avenue, you’ll see the scotch tape and wires that hold the city together. Then: Admiral's Row.

The East Harlem School at Exodus House

Architect Peter Gluck and EHS co-founder Ivan Hageman introduce us to a distinctive independent middle school and discuss why the design of learning environments matters.

Studio Reports

Parsons Integrated Studio: 79th St. Boat Basin

David Leven and Derek Porter discuss how their architecture and lighting design students collaborated to reimagine access to and use of this complex waterfront site.

Clip-on Architecture: Reforesting Cities

Vanessa Keith explores some simple yet radical ways to retrofit our urban building stock to address a chief cause of climate change: tropical deforestation.

Clip-on Architecture: Climate Crisis Causes & Solutions

In Part Two of Clip-On Architecture, Vanessa Keith looks at tropical deforestation and catalogues some sustainable solutions currently being applied in the developing world.

The Need for Collaboration: Design Professionals are a Few Amongst Many

Rather than from consensual understanding, our manner of reaching agreements has evolved from the pressure of the law.

Private/Public: Rethinking Design for the Homeless

Deborah Grossberg Katz and Terri Chiao explore how small-scale design can address broader social issues through their research on the systemic cycle of homelessness in the city.

Making Public Places: Building an Urban Living Room

Diana Balmori shares a flexible and inexpensive design scheme - complete with public engagement a la Twitter - to create street furniture and plantings that reimagine the public space of Gansevoort Plaza.

Museum of the Phantom City

Irene Cheng and Brett Snyder share the inspiration behind their iPhone app and pose questions sparked by their research. Read their story and then go tour the unbuilt city.

One Size Fits Some

This symposium is part of the Citizens Housing & Planning Council’s broad-based investigation of housing and space standards in New York City. Read, watch, listen and respond.