Innovation and the American Metropolis

In advance of a major policy event on technology's impact on regional planning, Tom Wright and Rob Lane discuss the meaning and uses of innovation in the New York metro-region.

Food and the Shape of Cities

Sarah Rich and Nicola Twilley discuss the impact of food systems on the physical city in advance of Foodprint NYC, an event at Studio-X.

The Public Works

Nancy Levinson reviews some provocative positions on infrastructure and challenges designers to recast the relationship between individual initiative and political community.

Studio Reports

Parsons Integrated Studio: 79th St. Boat Basin

David Leven and Derek Porter discuss how their architecture and lighting design students collaborated to reimagine access to and use of this complex waterfront site.

Off the Road and Into the Skies

As cities demand more efficient transit systems, Steven Dale argues for thinking off the road and outside the subway, and thinks that Cable-Propelled Transit could be our answer.

Letting Off Some Steam

Jeff Maki explains Manhattan's District Steam Service as a case study in how citizens can engage in the maintenance of infrastructure.


Queens Plaza: Infrastructure Reframed

Sandro Marpillero, Linda Pollak and Margie Ruddick share perspectives on their transformation of Queens Plaza, recasting the relationship between ecology, art and infrastructure.

A Conversation with Robin Chase

The founder of Zipcar and GoLoco talks about everything from mesh networks to taxi stands to why "infrastructure is destiny."

George Trakas at the Water’s Edge: Newtown Creek

Artist and longtime creek explorer George Trakas shows us around the Nature Walk he designed at Newtown Creek.


Energy and Mobility

The energy revolution in the waterways is only beginning. Locally, the currents along this stretch of the East River make it a logical place to start.