Party Photos! UO Block Party 2015

Thank you to everyone who came out for our 5th annual Urban Omnibus benefit last Thursday! It was a beautiful night at Anable Basin on the Long Island City waterfront, with sunset views of Roosevelt Island’s Four Freedoms Park and the midtown Manhattan skyline. We enjoyed dosas, charcuterie, and baklava from local restaurants and learned that many of you have some solid basketball and four square skills. Special thanks are due to Lally Acoustical Engineering, who provided the good rhythms for our hula hoopers and jump ropers, and to our fellow Architectural League staff, Matt Ragazzo in particular. We also couldn’t have done it without our energetic crew of volunteers and all of our Omnibus friends, family, and supporters — you made the evening a great success!

Benefits like this are an essential part of what allows us to keep Urban Omnibus running. They also create a wonderful opportunity for us to meet our readers, convene many of the people who have shared their work with us over the years, and celebrate all of our shared enthusiasm for and deep interest in the culture of citymaking. So thank you all for joining us, and stay tuned for much more in the months ahead as we continue to explore this great city, how it works, how it is experienced, and how it can be improved.

The Urban Omnibus basketball hoop

Skelly court

On the terrace at Anable Basin

Charcuterie from Ridgewood Pork Store

Michael Chen, Braden Caldwell, and Justin Snider

Andy Bernheimer, Susan Chin, and David Leven

League Digital Editorial Director Varick Shute and Gabriel Silberblatt

Sarah Krautheim and Dan McPhee pose with a four square court.

Master hula hoopers

John Hatfield and Elissa Goldstone of Socrates Sculpture Park shoot hoops.

Donald Albrecht

Scott MacTavish and friends

Former UO editor Cassim Shepard and UO contributors Sarah Nelson Wright and Nathan Kensinger

Claire Weisz, Everardo Jefferson, and Sara Caples

Shin-pei Tsay and friends

Judy Kim and Brad Samuels

Ellen Lohe, David Vega-Barachowitz, and Oz Johnson

Varick Shute and UO Senior Editor Jonathan Tarleton make remarks.

Sally Wilkey, Virginia Laird, and Daniel Rojo

Paul de Lucena, Heather McGhee, Alex de Lucena, and Cassim Shepard

Shutting it down

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