Digital Frictions
Examining the points of abrasion in the so-called smart city: where code meets concrete and where algorithms encounter forms of intelligence that aren’t artificial.
As designers and urbanists engage with LGBTQ+ identity, what role do gender and sexuality play in the preservation, design, and management of urban space today?
The Location of Justice_740x505
The Location of Justice
An examination of the pervasive and often overlooked infrastructure of criminal justice in New York and the spaces that could serve a more just city.
Photographer Stanley Greenberg’s monthly dispatches trace the myriad paths of the city’s infrastructural networks in great breadth and close detail.
Shelf Life_740_550
Shelf Life
The city’s archivists, curators, and collectors pull out some of their favorite things, revealing multiple metropolises, imagined, expired, and ever-present.
Circulation Desk_740x505
Circulation Desk
A snapshot of the urbanist titles that turn our gears.
People Movers_740x505
People Movers
Community organizers give a window into the city they want and the work they’re doing to get there.
HBT 1540x1050
Housing Brass Tacks
Reports from a series of informal conversations with scholars and experts engaging complicated topics in housing policy, hosted by The Architectural League.
The Architectural League’s long-term investigation into architectural typologies that have come to be seen as outdated, stagnant, or obsolete.
Capturing Change_740x505
Capturing Change
Photographers document the transformation of a Staten Island landfill into parkland. A long term collaboration with NYC Parks and the Freshkills Park Development Team.
Studio Reports_740x505
Studio Reports
Student research and propositions from design studios with real-world implications.
New Yorkers working outside the public eye to address the city’s daily needs and craft its future.
Profiles in Public Service_740x505
Profiles in Public Service
Conversations with public servants illuminate the complex workings of city government and how local agencies shape the physical and lived experience of the city.
A Country of Cities_740x505
A Country of Cities
A series of opinion pieces in which Vishaan Chakrabarti casts key current events as rallying cries in his evolving argument for urban density, for a Country of Cities.
Naturally Reoccuring Cultural Districts_740x505
Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts
What happens when cultural uses cluster and creative practitioners collaborate in the service of their neighborhoods.
City of Cycling_740x505
City of Cycling
A look at how pedal-pushing can redefine urban space. Guest-edited by SLO Architecture.
City of Systems
A suite of short videos intended to offer a poetic peek behind the scenes of some of the complex systems that enable New York City to function.