Air Grievances

In environmental justice communities, knowledge about air pollution hotspots comes from the ground up. Shouldn't remedies start there too?

About this Series

Cleaning Up? is edited by Mariana Mogilevich.

Francesca Johanson, Sam Velazquez, Olivia Schwob, and Amy Howden-Chapman conducted research for this series. Ana Baptista (The New School), Rebecca Bratspies (CUNY School of Law), Sara Carr (Northeastern University), Catherine Fennell (Columbia University), Scott Frickel (Brown University), and Samara Swanston (City of New York) generously shared their insights and expertise in the initial development of this series. They are not responsible for its content or any errors within.

Cleaning Up? is supported, in part, by the Cowles Charitable Trust and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.