Teenage Dream

At the annual Anti-Prom, queer and trans teens refashion the New York Public Library’s marble-lioned flagship into a kinder, gentler world.

Staying the Distance

For members of New York City's Arab diasporas, protesting oppression back home can provide both solace in community and an unsettling reminder of displacement.

Clinical Trials

A bygone experiment in community-focused mental healthcare — rooted in Harlem and the life experiences of its Black population — still holds valuable lessons for making “the good life,” and good feelings, truly accessible to all.

About this Series

Well-Placed is guest edited by Asma Neblett, Helena Najm, Jessica Fletcher, Nawal Muradwij and Rebecca Jacobs of The Graduate Center, CUNY as part of Mindscapes, Wellcome’s international cultural program about mental health.