Call for Submissions: BRACKET [takes action]

[Bracket], an annual publication by Archinect and InfraNet Lab that explores the intersection of architecture, environment, and digital culture, is seeking submissions for its fourth volume, [takes action].

[takes action] will explore “the complex relationship between spatial design, and the public(s) as well as action(s) it contains,” through submissions of design projects and articles that are “actively engaged in socio-political conditions.” While not mandatory, it is encouraged that the projects documented in submissions be implemented, in keeping with the volume’s concept. The deadline for submission is February 28, 2014, for publication in Winter 2014. For guidelines, more information, and overviews of past issues, visit the [Bracket] website.

The call for submissions asks contributors to grapple with some compelling questions:

What are the collective projects in the public realm to act on?
How have recent design projects incited political or social action?
How can design catalyze a public, as well as forums for that public to act?
What is the role of spatial practice to instigate or resist public actions?

The larger, fundamental question of what role design plays in the public realm is one we frequently engage with on Urban Omnibus. This only scratches the surface, but check out our pieces examining how spaces of public assembly and protest enhance or prohibit social change, dissecting the rules and power dynamics governing privately-owned public spaces in the City, and discussing the use of accessible visuals to explain public policy and empower individuals.

The views expressed here are those of the authors only and do not reflect the position of The Architectural League of New York.