Letter from the Publisher

Today marks the beginning of an important next stage in the life of Urban Omnibus, as we launch a comprehensive new site design and identity. The new Omnibus site will make it easier for readers to tap into the remarkable resource that Urban Omnibus has become: more than a thousand pieces published, on topics ranging from the implications of new federal flood maps for rowhouse neighborhoods in Canarsie, to the work of immigrant bike lane activists in Corona, to the power of the Bronx River as a symbolic and practical focus of community connection, to food policy for New York and the region. From the first, the idea of Urban Omnibus—reflected in its name—has been to be embracing and inclusive, to engender interdisciplinary, intergenerational, intercommunity cross-talk. We set out to tell not the story but multiple stories of how New York City is continuously created and recreated by the activists and public servants, planners, artists, neighborhood leaders and designers who make the city. Since the publication launched in January of 2009, UO’s talented editors and contributors have more than made good on that goal, and the work of the magazine is a generous, complex, multivocal, ongoing portrait of New York as a city in progress. We look forward to continuing to bring you thought-provoking ideas and projects, fascinating research, and compelling new ways of seeing the city that we collectively, as New Yorkers, create every day.

The views expressed here are those of the authors only and do not reflect the position of The Architectural League of New York.