Urban Omnibus: 15 Years and Counting!

Since our founding in 2009, Urban Omnibus has been paying close attention to places, people, and processes outside the news cycle and disciplinary echo chambers, and all across New York City. We are celebrating 15 years and counting of stories that are deeply researched and deeply felt, that build a historical record of what the city has been alongside a critical and caring imagination of what might be.

Excerpts from Urban Omnibus' commemorative 15th anniversary map by Stipan Tadić
Excerpts from Urban Omnibus' commemorative 15th anniversary map by Stipan Tadić

A Special Edition

We’ve created a special print edition to commemorate our fifteenth anniversary. It’s our gift to you with your financial support for Urban Omnibus.

We commissioned artist Stipan Tadić to create an Omnibus-eye-view of New York City, one that combines careful detail and fidelity to facts on the ground with multiple perspectives and healthy creative interpretation. Instead of new designs and megaprojects or vaunted historical landmarks, the map orients you to some of the physical supports for everyday life in New York City: our infrastructure, housing, neighborhoods, and public spaces. You can also use the map as a guide to Urban Omnibus. It highlights 20 sites that have been featured in-depth in the publication: projects and places that illuminate our ongoing inquiry into enduring social and spatial concerns. It’s a partial index to a rich and growing archive of knowledge of and perspectives on New York City. The 22 x 30 in. print map folds to 11 x 6.

You can get your own Urban Omnibus New York City Map when you become a UO Supporter or Builder. 

Support the Next 15 Years!

This year we’re working to strengthen the infrastructure that allows us to do what we do best: to commission and produce open-access, ambitious work while paying our contributors fairly; and to consistently and creatively engage with our diverse community of readers. In short: paying attention takes resources! 

Help us ensure that the next fifteen years are as strong, or stronger, than the first!

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An Anniversary Party

On June 25, more than 300 of Urban Omnibus’ readers, writers, contributors, and friends came together to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary at a summertime outdoor party at The Malt House. Artist and designer Chat Travieso created a participatory art project, Imagine That!, a collective expression of what the city could be. Community builder extraordinaire DJ Tara provided the music. And we debuted artist Stipan Tadic’s special edition map in print and on cake! (Find Chat, Tara, and Stipan on Urban Omnibus, too.) Thanks to all who came out!

Thank you to our food and wine sponsors, Manousheh and Brooklyn Winery.

The views expressed here are those of the authors only and do not reflect the position of The Architectural League of New York.