Call for Fellows: Made in Midtown

Atlantic-Pacific Meet-up | September 30, 2009

FEED, a migratory exhibition

Right to the City #3: Screenings tonight!

Last week we had a great time at the second installment of Red Channels' excellent Right to the City film series. Tonight is the third and final screening. Don't miss it. To refresh your memories, the first screening showcased some beautiful

Right to the City #2: cool, old films about NYC transit

For all of you who missed the first installment of Red Channel's impeccably curated, hard-to-find city-symphony films last week at the Brecht Forum, you get another chance to try to slake your thirst for vintage New York on film next Monday. The July 23rd screening was notable not only for the rare chance to see some of my favorite...

Right to the City #1

Omnibus got a brand new look

Welcome to the brand new Omnibus homepage! This week instead of our regular feature, we invite you to poke around, check out features and forum posts you may have missed, and get to know the Omnibus collection even better than you already do.

Welcome to Urban Omnibus

When you walk by a blue plywood construction barrier, do you stop and poke your head inside the opening to see what’s going on? Are you designing a new way to...