Solar Decathlon

Representatives from three interdisciplinary teams of college students in the New York metro area share how they are taking on the challenge of this year’s Solar Decathlon.

City of Systems

City of Systems: Skyscraper Mechanical

In our third video on complex urban systems, mechanic Jim Ferrari takes us behind closed doors to reveal the inner workings of a midtown Manhattan office building.

Studio Reports

Bronx Lower Concourse Housing

Bronwyn Breitner and James Slade describe how their students reconsidered one of our most familiar architectural spaces, the residence, in the context of the Bronx's Lower Concourse.

Growth by Design

David Giles discusses the findings and implications of a recently launched report on the economic impact and potential of the architecture and design sectors in New York City.

Vertical Urban Factory

Architectural historian Nina Rappaport analyzes the evolution of factory design and calls for the reintegration of urban industry into the fabric of our cities.

Lead Pencil Studio: Looking at Nothing

Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo describe their laser scanning studies of urban public spaces as an attempt to measure the invisible effect of shape and proportion on spatial experience.

Situ Studio: Patterns of Motion and Places of Pause

A conversation with Situ Studio about creating spaces for public assembly, catalyzing social interaction and how geoscience and forensic analysis inform their design practice.

Festival of Ideas for the New City

Four of the people behind the ambitious Festival of Ideas for the New City discuss what it is, how it came about, and what they hope its legacy will be.

A Conversation with Raquel Ramati

In advance of our field trip to one of NYC’s privately-owned public spaces, we talk to Raquel Ramati about plaza bonuses, street life and the legacy of DCP’s Urban Design Group.

Teaching Urban Design

A new undergraduate major in urban design prompts us to sketch a history of urban design education and to discuss its future with the new program's director, Victoria Marshall.