Community Gardens

Terra Incognita

Encouraging New Yorkers to probe the mysteries of the material beneath their feet, the Urban Soils Institute is moving knowledge of urban soils outside the domain of science and into the hands of communities.

Shelf Life

Do You Remember How It Was?

Residents recall a decade of upheaval in the East New York Oral History Project.

The Location of Justice: Streets

Stronger Together

Young residents of Brownsville, Brooklyn, look for safety amidst persistent poverty and crime, as well as community organizations determined to change the neighborhood's narrative.

Bronx Farm Helps Refugees Put Down Roots

Two refugees, a longtime community member, and the International Rescue Committee's New Roots program manager tell us how a Bronx garden melds resettlement efforts, job training, and good ole' fashioned community building, served up with a side of bitter melon.

Portfolio: Five Borough Farm

Photographs showcase Five Borough Farm, an initiative which sets out to understand urban agriculture across the city.

Recap: Field Trip to Dutch Kills Green

Urban Omnibus Writing Competition: The Unfinished Grid


In the final selection from the Unfinished Grid Essay Competition, Annie Choi takes us on a neighborhood stroll that reveals the grid's subtle influence on our everyday experience of the city.

Gardener on the Roof: Examining Urban Farming

Living Concrete/Carrot City: What do you want from your city’s soil?

What do you want from your city’s soil? There are many homegrown and local agriculture ideas in Living Concrete/Carrot City, an exhibition currently on view at Parsons The New School for Design, and they’re worth a look. The projects range from farm visits for families to bodega research, education and...

Recap | Amplify: Creative and Sustainable Lifestyles on the Lower East Side

Amplify is an exhibition that documents how the Lower East Side is undergoing a process of evolution and reinvention – especially its community gardens.