An Urban System of Death

Density and displacement aren’t just problems for the living.

Intersections: Behind Closed Doors

Noncompliant Bodies, Accommodating Space

The architects behind “Stalled!” see gender as one of many variables and identities to consider in designing inclusive environments.

The Korean Shrine of Fort Greene

How a Protestant denomination went from Brooklyn to Seoul — and back to Brooklyn again

On the 6 Train to Heaven

Rishe Groner captures the diversity of forms secular and religious worship can take and the transformation of place it can produce in her personal essay for the As Seen On [ ] writing competition.

A Walk Down Mulberry Street with Monsignor Sakano

The Pastor of Saint Patrick's Old Cathedral shares the history of the iconic Soho church and reflects on his work in ministry, social work and affordable housing in the context of a constantly changing city.

Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings

Matilde Cassani discusses her archive and exhibition and what it reveals about the evolving relationship between religious praxis, cultural identity and urban life.