Write for Urban Omnibus!

Urban Omnibus exists to advance the collective work of citymaking, and our work is collective too, shaped by a wide range of contributors. We always want to hear from you! Here are the kinds of proposals we’re interested in and how to submit one:

Feature articles

Urban Omnibus features provide new perspectives on the city and how it is made. We are interested in the relationships between the urban environment and culture, society, politics, and everyday life. Features should explore issues of broad relevance through specific sites, projects, and stories centered in New York City. We especially like to hear from people with a personal or professional stake in their topic. We publish features in a variety of formats, including critical or historical essays, reported articles (2500 words), interviews, photo portfolios, visual projects, and design proposals, among others.

To propose a feature, tell us in one paragraph what the story is about, why it matters, how you would do it, and why you’re the right person to do it. Please take a look at recent articles on Urban Omnibus and consider how your proposal would fit in before reaching out.

Guest-edited series

Urban Omnibus works with guest editors to develop special series that present new approaches and perspectives on the production of the built environment. See our series City of Cycling, Intersections, and Digital Frictions for examples.

Proposals for guest-edited series should provide a clear statement of the topic, why now and why Urban Omnibus, and an indication of the kinds of contributors and contributions the series would include. We encourage you to reach out before developing a full proposal.

Contributors are compensated. Rates begin at $350 for an interview and $500 for a feature and increase in accordance with the complexity and demands of the project.

Send your proposals — or any questions — to us at info@urbanomnibus.net.