The Omnibus Roundup: Thanksgiving Edition

Instead of our usual Wednesday feature, today we wish you a happy Thanksgiving holiday with an early edition of the weekly Omnibus roundup.

Recap | Sirens Taken for Wonders

A nocturnal urban hunt, an aural field trip through New York City, listening for the sounds of sirens and what they signify.

The Omnibus Roundup – Grimshaw, cab stands, bike racks, creek clean-up, Armory controversy, and floorplan porn

Mapping Main Street: Flushing, Queens

Mapping Main Street heads to Flushing for audio-video explorations of Main St. produced by neighborhood students, providing a local snapshot of the nation-wide project.

Recap | Arrested Development

The Omnibus Roundup – Coney deal, stalled sites, canal plans, interstate adaptive reuse, biking rules

The city has been abuzz with news of the Bloomberg administration's $95.6 million deal with Thor Equities for 6.9 acres in Coney Island. Read about the details in the city's press release or the New York Times, and then check out

Private/Public: Rethinking Design for the Homeless

Deborah Grossberg Katz and Terri Chiao explore how small-scale design can address broader social issues through their research on the systemic cycle of homelessness in the city.

The Omnibus Roundup – 3rd terms, megaprojects, rights of way, energy pavement & wonderwheels

LightmappingNYC | November 18, 2009

A Cab Ride with Rachel Abrams

Rachel Abrams breaks down the actors, information and knowledge behind the routine experience of taking a NYC taxi, and explains how design thinking can benefit urban systems.