Housing Brass Tacks

Join us June 5 for How Development Works to explore the essentials of the development process in New York City today.

Why Does the History of Squatting in NYC Matter? | January 15

Join us at UnionDocs on January 15 for documentary work and discussion tackling the history of squatting in New York City, and asking why that history matters today.

Metropolitan Meditations | November 20

Join us at UnionDocs on November 20 to celebrate filmmaker Peter Hutton's groundbreaking portraits of New York City's landscapes.

OmniBeers | October 27

Join us on October 27th for autumnal OmniBeers with the new team.

City Squares: A Conversation | June 23

Join us at Rizzoli Books on June 23rd for a conversation about the importance of public squares in city life.

In Anthology: Crown Heights, Staging the Weight of History

From riots to gentrification, a new production reflects on the evolution of the central Brooklyn neighborhood through oral history, dance, and music. Samuel Feldblum asks, when aggregating narratives, whose story is actually being told?

Introducing a New Newsletter

In which UO debuts a new newsletter

The Photography of Obsolescence: Goldwater Hospital Exhibition

An exhibition of Charles Giraudet's photographs of Goldwater Hospital will open on March 11th, with a conversation between Giraudet and photographer Christopher Payne.

The LA Landscapes of Mia Lehrer | February 16

Landscape architect Lehrer presents recent work from the Left Coast, including the LA River Revitalization master plan and a park to accompany the Los Angeles Rams' new stadium in an Architectural League lecture moderated by Kate Orff.

December 18th | The Supreme Court Justice and the Architect