Typecast: Towers in the Park

Cooperative City, Cooperative Community

Caitlin Blanchfield uncovers the nuances of Co-op City that make this unique development relevant to our broader understanding of social infrastructure, intergenerational continuity, community pride, and affordability.

Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts

Corona, Queens

In the first in a series of profiles of Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts, Caitlin Blanchfield reports on how a robust network of community-based groups in Corona, Queens, has put local cultural vitality and institutional partnerships to work in reclaiming a public space for neighborhood use.

Urban Industry Redefined: The Brooklyn Navy Yard

Caitlin Blanchfield looks at how a historic shipbuilding facility is fostering a new culture of industry in New York, one informed by a sophisticated understanding of local dynamics, regional economics, and global challenges.

Recap | Women Shaping Our World: Architecture, Gender and Space

Like the process of building a home, the practice of architecture is the product of the many pieces locking harmoniously into place; of course, women are integral to this harmony.

Recap | What is Foreclosed?

An exhibition at MoMA explores new architectural possibilities for cities and suburbs in the aftermath of the recent foreclosure crisis.