Geologic City

Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse take us on a field trip through the geoarchitecture of New York City and explain the impact of deep geologic time on our built environment.

The Staten Island Bluebelt: Storm Sewers, Wetlands, Waterways

Dana Gumb explains how the City has engineered Staten Island's wetlands and waterways to enhance their natural ability to convey, store and filter stormwater.

Stanley Greenberg: City as Organism, Only Some of it Visible

Photographer Stanley Greenberg talks to us about hidden systems, the photographer’s role in inspiring transformation, and issues of access, security and the public's right to know.

Underline: The Culver Viaduct

John McGill argues for the repurposing of seemingly inaccessible and underutilized infrastructural spaces and proposes an alternative vision for the Culver Viaduct renovation.

Foodprint City

Nicola Twilley recently asked designers, farmers, health officials, activists and CEOs in NYC and Toronto to discuss how we feed our cities. Find out what she’s learned.

Urban Topographies: Cuts & Patches

Linda Pollak investigates mysterious carvings in the sidewalks of Lower Manhattan and finds that they have much to teach us about the ways natural forces determine urban form.

Heather L. Johnson: Ever-circulating Fluids and Continuously Moving Parts

In the third of a series of interviews with artists, Heather L. Johnson talks about how complex urban infrastructure systems inspire her explorations of movement and space.

Fast Trash!

Juliette Spertus discusses her exhibit - which combines infrastructure, New York history and alternative urban futures - about Roosevelt Island's trash collection system.

Minds in the Gutter

What if sewers no longer overflowed when it rained? Kate Zidar talks about designing for stormwater management and why it is crucial to our health, our waterways and our city.

Innovation and the American Metropolis

In advance of a major policy event on technology's impact on regional planning, Tom Wright and Rob Lane discuss the meaning and uses of innovation in the New York metro-region.