The Immigrants & Parks Collaborative

For five years this collaborative has worked to address the challenge of increasing immigrant involvement in city parks. Check out their work and hear from two participants.

Hyperlocal news makes news: the case of Everyblock

Everyblock renders the heretofore-obscure workings of neighborhood life explicitly, in something not too far off of real time, and in unprecedentedly high resolution.

Making Policy Public: Vendor Power!

Candy Chang shares the process of working with the Center for Urban Pedagogy and the Street Vendor Project to demystify the regulations of street vending in New York City.


My Living Room

Writer and designer James Reeves reflects on his outdoor living room in New York from his newly adopted home of Helsinki.


Brooklyn at Eye Level

The theater company The Civilians has investigated all viewpoints on the Atlantic Yards development proposal as an inroad to broader urban issues of home and neighborhood change.

Post-it Notes for Neighbors

With Post-it Notes for Neighbors, Candy Chang playfully calls attention to the commodification of information exchange in public space and calls citizen-designers to action.

In Praise of Slowness

Andrew Blum articulates the difficulty of communicating architectural urbanism when urban processes of change do not correspond to any existing media cycle.

Urban Agriculture: East New York: Agricultural Organizing

Deborah Greig, Urban Agriculture Coordinator for East New York Farms!, explains the history of the organization in the context of the neighborhood.

Urban Agriculture: East New York: Asset Mapping

In this chapter, we hear from Perry Winston, an architect formerly with the Pratt Center, who has worked with the community since the early 1990s.