Mall-terations on Allen Street

On Allen Street, "mall-terations” attest to the way an art intervention can foster a sense of transformative possibility and community involvement in the design and programming of public space.

Tektonomastics: The Building Names Project

Mapping all of New York's named residential buildings. Meet you at the Monbijou!

Portfolio: The Quiet City

On Sunday afternoons, when most industrial businesses are closed, IBZs have a surreal and at times eerie quietness that is rare in New York City.


This original Urban Omnibus-produced video explores a day in the life of five New York neighborhoods: Hunts Point, Jamaica, Mariner’s Harbor, Downtown Brooklyn, and Chelsea.

A Walk Up Avenue D

Sociologist Dalton Conley takes us on a walk through the public housing complexes where he grew up, reflecting on the economics of housing policy and the limits of design.

Mapping Main Street: Flushing, Queens

Mapping Main Street heads to Flushing for audio-video explorations of Main St. produced by neighborhood students, providing a local snapshot of the nation-wide project.

The Immigrants & Parks Collaborative

For five years this collaborative has worked to address the challenge of increasing immigrant involvement in city parks. Check out their work and hear from two participants.

Hyperlocal news makes news: the case of Everyblock

Everyblock renders the heretofore-obscure workings of neighborhood life explicitly, in something not too far off of real time, and in unprecedentedly high resolution.