Newtown Creek meet-up and tour this Thursday!


About a month ago we posted a video site tour of the Newtown Creek Nature Walk with artist and designer George Trakas. Something about this unexpected urban park struck a chord with many of you, so we, along with our friends at WNYC: Cityscapes, wanted to invite you to come explore it.

This Thursday, April 23rd, at 6:00, Urban Omnibus is partnering with WNYC to bring you a guided tour of the Newtown Creek Nature Walk with its designer, environmental sculptor George Trakas. With stunning views of the city’s skyline and the surrounding industrial landscape, the tour will be an opportunity both to explore our changing cityscape and to reflect on it. Bring your walking shoes and digital cameras.Friday morning, post your photos to the Cityscapes Flickr group and tag them as urbanomnibus. The tour starts at 6:00 and will conclude at dusk.

Check in with us here on for more information in the next few days. Also check in on the Cityscapes page at If you have any questions, email us at info [at] urbanomnibus [dot] net or call us at 718 249 9348. The entrance to the Newtown Creek Nature Walk is accessible from at the end of Paidge Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, one and a half blocks east of McGuinness Boulevard. Click here for more details on directions to the site.

Come one and all.