Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts

Fort Greene, Brooklyn

In the second in a series of profiles of Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts, Mercedes Kraus looks at how a cultural community has flourished by leveraging its legacy of artistic production in the face of intensifying real estate pressure and outside influence and interest.


The idea was to allow for more light and air in dense, vertical areas, and to have developers give back to the city a little bit for what they were gaining by building bigger. But vague rules led to the creation of inaccessible, inhospitable spaces with little or no public benefit.

Recap | Activism as an Art Form

When Creative Time's latest exhibition Living As Form opened at the historic Essex Street Market on September 24th, it wasn't without context. Just four months earlier, the Festival of Ideas for the New City brought scores of people to the nearby Bowery to think about urban spaces, generating new notions...