5KL: Land | September 26

Friday, September 26th | 2:00–7:00pm | 5KL: Land will reframe our understanding of settlement patterns and competing land uses, given the reality of climate change.

Beaux Arts Ball 2014: Craft | September 20

5KL: Energy Issues, Energy Entrepreneurship

Reading Common Shares

Precedents for Experimentation: Talking Libraries with Shannon Mattern and Nate Hill

Media scholar Shannon Mattern and library innovator Nate Hill discuss the diversity and evolution of the tools and resources libraries offer.

Roundup — July 4th Edition

A special edition of the Roundup looks at urban renewal area visions, eminent domain to stem foreclosures, reinventing the MTA, an emergency housing prototype, a rent freeze unfrozen, a new timeline for Atlantic Yards, Urban Giants, and Rockaway!

Winners of Common Shares | July 22

Announcing the winners of the third annual Urban Omnibus writing competition and a special event to launch a printed booklet of this year's selected entries.

Profiles in Public Service

The Analytics of Fire

Jeffrey Roth, the Assistant Commissioner for Management Initiatives at the New York City Fire Department, explains how his team is pushing the boundaries of analytics to inform operations and improve government stewardship of public resources.

Cooling Down Steam Heat: A Retrofit for Your Radiator

Marshall Cox, the inventor of a simple way to regulate the temperature of a steam-heated apartment, explains how reducing the energy wasted in aging infrastructure can offer new and important approaches to green technology.

Picture the Homeless Hits the Pavement

Marcus Moore and Sam Miller of Picture the Homeless, an organization led by homeless and formerly homeless people, discuss their activism on issues of affordable housing, police harassment, and shelter reform.