February 7 | 5KL: Water

2014 Highlights (Made Possible by Readers Like You)

Profiles in Public Service

The Anatomy of Emergency

James McConnell, Assistant Commissioner for Strategic Data at the NYC Office of Emergency Management, dissects the process by which data turns into emergency response and reminds us that effectiveness in a crisis requires long-term planning supported by accurate information.

Turkey Day Roundup

A special Thanksgiving edition of the Roundup looks at affordable housing in Queens, new sludge ships, the future of pay phones, a plan for new industry, the beauty of water infrastructure, and turkeys on Staten Island.

Recap | 5KL: Land Symposium

Profiles in Public Service

Actionable Cartographies

The New York Public Library’s geospatial librarian Matt Knutzen discusses his stewardship of half a million maps and 20,000 atlases and the contemporary applications of this vast, historical collection.

Living Los Sures, Past and Present

UnionDocs' Christopher Allen and Aris Dilone and Los Sures' Ramon Peguero discuss a four-year documentary project capturing Williamsburg's Southside that demonstrates how creative documentation of place can complement the work of community-based organizations.

OmniBeers | October 22

OHNY Weekend 2014: UO Picks

5KL: Land | September 26

Friday, September 26th | 2:00–7:00pm | 5KL: Land will reframe our understanding of settlement patterns and competing land uses, given the reality of climate change.