OmniBeers | March 18

Preoccupied with Place, Musician Gabriel Kahane Plays the City

Singer-songwriter and composer Gabriel Kahane describes the way architecture, literature, and historical research inform his compositions and why he's drawn to storytelling tied to place.

Where Chaos Is Normal: How Times Square Operates

Damian Santucci, Director of Production and Operations for the Times Square Alliance, walks us through the groundwork behind the spectacle of the Square and the logistics of coordinating hundreds of events, film shoots, and public art installations in a public space that sees 350,000 visitors a day.

Waterworks: Architecture and Landscape

While we rarely see our water system at work — even its most visible manifestation, the Central Park reservoir, is no longer used to distribute our water supply — it remains the city’s most critical piece of civic infrastructure.

Unearthed: Alyssa Loorya on Urban Archaeology

Archaeologist Alyssa Loorya takes on the supposed tension between preservation and development, shares the particularities of urban archaeology, and tells the fascinating stories of some of her favorite sites and finds.

Mitigate, Design, Restore: A Conversation on Hydrology and Habitat

Eric Rothstein lets us in on the particular challenges of restoration, mitigation, and water resources management in New York and offers a measured but optimistic assessment of the role of green infrastructure in fostering sustainable urban development.

February 7 | 5KL: Water

2014 Highlights (Made Possible by Readers Like You)

Profiles in Public Service

The Anatomy of Emergency

James McConnell, Assistant Commissioner for Strategic Data at the NYC Office of Emergency Management, dissects the process by which data turns into emergency response and reminds us that effectiveness in a crisis requires long-term planning supported by accurate information.

Turkey Day Roundup

A special Thanksgiving edition of the Roundup looks at affordable housing in Queens, new sludge ships, the future of pay phones, a plan for new industry, the beauty of water infrastructure, and turkeys on Staten Island.