BMW Guggenheim Lab: Confronting Comfort | Maria Nicanor

"We asked for a space in which we could do everything and anything."

BMW Guggenheim Lab: Confronting Comfort | Omar Freilla

"Most of us live in our own little bubbles. We know the world that we walk in every single day."

Internship Opportunity: The Greatest Grid

The Omnibus Roundup — Wayfinding, Green Cities, Safety Zones, Water and Phytoremediation

WALK THIS WAY This week, the New York City Department of Transportation released a request for proposals to develop a comprehensive pedestrian “wayfinding system” in four districts: ...

The Omnibus Roundup — Tech Capital, Friendly Fourth Ave, Greenpoint Greenhouse, End of Amtrak, and NYC’s Bike War

THE NEXT TECH CAPITAL: NYC This past March, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) solicited a request for expressions of interest (RFEI) to global research institutions for ideas to establish a future “applied science and engineering research campus” somewhere in New York City. NYCEDC received 18 proposals from top schools that included...

Call for Ideas: The Greatest Grid

The Omnibus Roundup – NYC Solar Map, +Pool, Urban Camping, City Glimpses and More

NYC SOLAR MAP A new interactive map was launched by New York City Solar America City Partnership, led by Sustainable CUNY, to show the potential NYC has for solar panel placement. Showing both existing solar...

The Omnibus Roundup — Vacancy, Downtown Whitney, Gunky Gowanus, East River Ferry and Brownfields

The Omnibus Roundup – Jerks, Maps, Mediamesh, Redistricting and Painting Urbanism

The Omnibus Roundup – Festival Weekend, Taxi of Tomorrow and Mobile Neon

FESTIVAL OF IDEAS FOR THE NEW CITY: THIS WEEKEND! There's so much happening this weekend at the Festival of Ideas for the New City! Check out our more in-depth coverage of the event and below, some of the weekend's highlights: THE OMNIBUS BOOTH We hope you've caught sight of our 50 Ideas for the New City Posters around town...