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The Omnibus Roundup – Infrastructure, Railways, Parking Apps, Brownfield Fail and Calls for Submissions

Tickets are still available for next Tuesday's Urban Omnibus Party and Auction -- don't miss it! Tickets start at $25; $30 at the door. Buy yours today. Stay tuned for a preview of the works included in the silent auction... INTELLIGENT INFRASTRUCTURE Also next week, an impressive collection of minds from technology, government, architecture and academia will convene...

The Omnibus Roundup – Energy Report, Kill Switches, Throwdown Revisited, Omni-content Updates and Gong Xi Fa Cái!

THE ENERGY REPORT Continuing on their Roadmap 2050, AMO teamed up with WWF and Ecofys to envision a world completely run by renewable energy in the next forty years. Today, the organizations collaboratively launched The Energy Report – a comprehensive plan to harness...

The Omnibus Roundup – Fatbergs, Canal St, Astor Place, Art Cab and Urban Policy

FATBERGS "A nice working environment" is not how most would describe a city sewer system, but to Rob Smith, "head flusher" at Thames Water, traversing the bowels of London has its upsides. Smith and his team of 39 flushers are responsible for unclogging sewer tunnels of "fatbergs"– congealed deposits of cooking oil and flushed waste that look as disgusting as they sound. Fatbergs are typically formed of...

Holiday Roundup – Sensory overload, memorable moments, solving the city, train of thought and an Omnibus pause

HOLIDAY-INSPIRED SENSORY OVERLOAD One of the City's most well known displays of extreme festivity is a block of homes in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn where you can find dazzling lights and oversized holiday decor, inflatable, animatronic, or otherwise. Check out Gothamist for a slideshow of some of this year's highlights. Another NYC holiday classic: the midtown...

The Omnibus Roundup - Skyscraper Sway, Railway and Rooftop Energy, Criminal Charges and Urban Planning Songs