The Omnibus Roundup – Taxis, Opportunity Mapped, Secaucus, NYU, Smart Systems

TAXI OF TOMORROW Want to pick the taxi of tomorrow? The ubiquitous yellow cab is being revamped, and the City is asking New Yorkers to make the final call. At a news conference on Monday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that he is seeking the advice of the project's "most important stakeholders" -- New York City residents -- to choose between three design

The Omnibus Roundup – Din5 Bike Tour, 311, Ballot Design, Tracing Trash and Swimming Cities

PARK TOUR AND BIKE RIDE This Saturday, Architectural League group Design in 5 is hosting a park tour and bike ride of Hudson River Park and the West Harlem Piers, two of...

The Omnibus Roundup – Election Day, Death of a Tunnel, the Subway Issue, Shattered Idyll, UnionDocs and CineBeasts

VOTE! Tuesday, November 2nd is Election Day -- don't forget to vote! For the procrastinators among us, Gotham Gazette has an election guide, with who's running, ballot questions, and when and where to show up. DEATH OF A TUNNEL It's final - the ARC tunnel project is...

A Walk with Richard Sennett

Richard Sennett takes us on a walk through the West Village.