Arts for Transit: A Conversation with Sandra Bloodworth

The director of an MTA program to bring visual art and performance to New York City's public transportation system talks about activating spaces of infrastructure, improving rider experience and harnessing the power of public art.

A Walk Through Times Square with Glenn Weiss

On the eve of his departure from New York, the outgoing manager of public art for the Times Square Alliance discusses community engagement, urban placemaking and contemporary art practice at the iconic site.

Civic Action: A Vision for Long Island City, Part 1

A first look at a new initiative, developed by the Noguchi Museum and Socrates Sculpture Park, that invites artist-led teams to propose visions for the future of Long Island City.

Civic Action: A Vision for Long Island City, Part 2

What if one neighborhood were a place where the creativity that marks city life was championed?

As Awake As Possible: A Walk with Jon Cotner

A writer muses on poetry, neighborliness and waking up to the city around us while strolling through Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park.

The Investigation, Constitution and Formation of Flock House

Through interdependent relationships, Flock House encourages human collaboration and teamwork, a crucial element for the future of our cities.

Montage City

Three architecture students share videos that poetically explore Coney Island, Willets Point and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Stephen Mallon: Reframing the Machine

Photographer Stephen Mallon talks about the surreal beauty of engineering and how photography can provoke contemplation of industry and our natural environment — and their unexpected convergences.

Rape New York by Jana Leo

Jana Leo, the author of Rape New York, a candid account of sexual assault, discusses how the ordeal changed her perspective on property neglect, systemic gaps and neighborhood transition.

Portfolio: The Night Shadow

Michael Neff outlines the contours of city shadows with chalk and then photographs the resulting drawings, documenting those temporary moments, both showcasing and preserving the play of light and shadow in the urban environment.