Brooklyn Gentrification on Screen

Two new films each offer a look at a decade of change in Brooklyn.

chashama: Space to Create

Anita Durst and Kim Schnaubert talk about how we can support artists and improve the economic and cultural vitality of our cities by repurposing under-utilized and empty spaces.

Urban Omnibus Writing Competition: The Unfinished Grid


In the final selection from the Unfinished Grid Essay Competition, Annie Choi takes us on a neighborhood stroll that reveals the grid's subtle influence on our everyday experience of the city.

A Conversation with Mitch Epstein

From a personal story of industrial decline to a national exploration of energy production, the artist discusses the themes that connect his body of work, including his current exhibition of photographs of some of New York's extraordinary and idiosyncratic trees.

The Andrew Freedman Home is No Longer Empty

The founder and the director of an organization that revitalizes neighborhoods by curating exhibitions in empty spaces discuss their process of transforming a Bronx landmark into a temporary venue for contemporary art.

Appreciating the City: Steve Duncan's Undercity

Don't mind me, I'm just holding a large crowbar while standing near a sewer entrance in the middle of the night.

Arts for Transit: A Conversation with Sandra Bloodworth

The director of an MTA program to bring visual art and performance to New York City's public transportation system talks about activating spaces of infrastructure, improving rider experience and harnessing the power of public art.

A Walk Through Times Square with Glenn Weiss

On the eve of his departure from New York, the outgoing manager of public art for the Times Square Alliance discusses community engagement, urban placemaking and contemporary art practice at the iconic site.

Civic Action: A Vision for Long Island City, Part 1

A first look at a new initiative, developed by the Noguchi Museum and Socrates Sculpture Park, that invites artist-led teams to propose visions for the future of Long Island City.

Civic Action: A Vision for Long Island City, Part 2

What if one neighborhood were a place where the creativity that marks city life was championed?