New City Reader

Kazys Varnelis discusses the temporary "newspaper of public space" he created with Joseph Grima for the New Museum exhibition "The Last Newspaper."

Theater Review: In the Footprint

The theater performance In the Footprint dissects the issues surrounding the contentious Atlantic Yards development, drawing on testimony from local business owners, outspoken residents and community organizers.

Stanley Greenberg: City as Organism, Only Some of it Visible

Photographer Stanley Greenberg talks to us about hidden systems, the photographer’s role in inspiring transformation, and issues of access, security and the public's right to know.

Mall-terations on Allen Street

On Allen Street, "mall-terations” attest to the way an art intervention can foster a sense of transformative possibility and community involvement in the design and programming of public space.

Portfolio: Miniature Worlds: Coney Island

A sculptor recreates Coney Island at dollhouse scale.

Swoon: The City Created, Built, Broken and Rebuilt

In our fourth of a series of artist interviews, Swoon discusses how the urban environment informs her work, from Brooklyn streets to Venetian canals to post-earthquake Haiti.

Elastic City

Neil Freeman and Todd Shalom discuss walking through the city as a medium of art, poetics and urban awareness.

An Urbanist You Should Know: Esther Robinson

Esther Robinson’s approach to supporting the arts through asset-building is something everyone interested in cities and neighborhoods should know about.

Heather L. Johnson: Ever-circulating Fluids and Continuously Moving Parts

In the third of a series of interviews with artists, Heather L. Johnson talks about how complex urban infrastructure systems inspire her explorations of movement and space.

Emily Henretta: Making and Unmaking the Constructed Jumble

In the second of a series of interviews with visual artists, Emily Henretta discusses how the process of collage and the experience of cities inform each other.