Proximity is Creativity: Unlocking the Value of the Garment District

Fashion designer Yeohlee Teng and architect Joerg Schwartz discuss their involvement in an initiative to demonstrate the importance of the fashion industry to New York City, and to preserve and strengthen the efficiencies and vitality of its core.

Montage City: Edge Conditions

Three student videos investigate borders and urban transitions along 58th Street in Manhattan, aboard the Staten Island Ferry, and within the Hub in the Bronx.

Why is the Broadway Triangle Still Empty?

Meg Kelly explores the controversy behind the stalled redevelopment of the Broadway Triangle, raising questions about the political geography of housing and ethnic integration in a North Brooklyn border zone.

Portfolio: Five Borough Farm

Photographs showcase Five Borough Farm, an initiative which sets out to understand urban agriculture across the city.

A Walk to the Old Fulton Fish Market with Robert LaValva

The founder of the New Amsterdam Market talks about the tradition and history of the public market as civic space, the role of the city in shaping our food systems, and the value, to our cities and our psyches, of cultivating small and local commercial enterprises.

Civic Action Charrette

Thirteen designers and planners spend an afternoon with the League and the Noguchi Museum, drawing and thinking about how to advance a holistic, culture-led vision of Long Island City's possible futures.

Brooklyn Gentrification on Screen

Two new films each offer a look at a decade of change in Brooklyn.

Urban Omnibus Writing Competition: The Unfinished Grid


In the final selection from the Unfinished Grid Essay Competition, Annie Choi takes us on a neighborhood stroll that reveals the grid's subtle influence on our everyday experience of the city.