Food and the Shape of Cities

Sarah Rich and Nicola Twilley discuss the impact of food systems on the physical city in advance of Foodprint NYC, an event at Studio-X.

Empowering the City: London / New York

Gerald Frug contrasts the structures and powers of city government in London and New York in order to ask a crucial urban question: what are our cities empowered to do?

The Public Works

Nancy Levinson reviews some provocative positions on infrastructure and challenges designers to recast the relationship between individual initiative and political community.

The Immigrants & Parks Collaborative

For five years this collaborative has worked to address the challenge of increasing immigrant involvement in city parks. Check out their work and hear from two participants.

Manufacturing a Real Economy

Nicole Salazar talks to Adam Friedman, former executive director of NYIRN, about the importance of the manufacturing industry in New York.

One Size Fits Some

This symposium is part of the Citizens Housing & Planning Council’s broad-based investigation of housing and space standards in New York City. Read, watch, listen and respond.

People Make Parks

Anoo Siddiqi and Hillary Angelo explore participatory design processes in New York City's public spaces and introduce the People Make Parks initiative.

Making Policy Public: Predatory Equity

Glen Cummings shares the process of creating the Predatory Equity Survival Guide.

Making Policy Public: Vendor Power!

Candy Chang shares the process of working with the Center for Urban Pedagogy and the Street Vendor Project to demystify the regulations of street vending in New York City.

Urban Agriculture: East New York: Land Transfers

In this piece, Holly Leicht, Deputy Commissioner of Development at HPD, explains the recent history of the city's involvement in East New York.