Give a Minute

Carol Coletta and Jake Barton discuss an interactive project that seeks to reinvent public participation in America for the 21st century.

Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts

Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts

Tamara Greenfield and Caron Atlas share thoughts on how understanding NOCDs can help inform a more holistic approach to cultural policy.

A Country of Cities

Never in this Country

Xenophobia. Unfunded entitlements. Anti-immigrant zeal. More retirees than workers. Crumbling infrastructure. Failing schools. Threats to burn books. Taken together, our national ailments have shaken my belief in a Country of Cities. I have argued on these pages that density and infrastructure, and the diverse ecology they engender, can lead us out of this recession to a greener, leaner nation...

Foodprint City

Nicola Twilley recently asked designers, farmers, health officials, activists and CEOs in NYC and Toronto to discuss how we feed our cities. Find out what she’s learned.

Open Data Standards for City Agencies

Erratic time lines, gaps in outdated information and incompatible forms often frustrate the process of locating and accessing data from city agencies. Even learning what data exists – let alone its availability – may require some serious mining. Besides, once researchers and tech developers get their hands on data, the city may have its own ideas about...

Bringing Basements to Code

Seema Agnani’s work with South Asian immigrants on housing needs charts a course for legalizing basement apartments to create affordable housing.

Food and the Shape of Cities

Sarah Rich and Nicola Twilley discuss the impact of food systems on the physical city in advance of Foodprint NYC, an event at Studio-X.

Empowering the City: London / New York

Gerald Frug contrasts the structures and powers of city government in London and New York in order to ask a crucial urban question: what are our cities empowered to do?

The Public Works

Nancy Levinson reviews some provocative positions on infrastructure and challenges designers to recast the relationship between individual initiative and political community.