Rules of Conduct

Urban planner Douglas Woodward analyzes the rules posted in privately owned public spaces to investigate some of the challenges involved in the private provision of public goods.

Seeing Green: Urban Agriculture as Green Infrastructure

Tyler Caruso and Erik Facteau explain their scientific study of the value of urban farms, an effort to produce hard data that can challenge nay-sayers and inform policies and regulations that support agriculture in the city.

Starrett City: A Home of One's Own — With Party Walls

Rosalie Genevro offers a historical snapshot of Starrett City and challenges us to question conventional notions of "house" and "home" in American culture.

Making Room

Introducing Making Room: a research, design and advocacy project to shape New York’s housing stock to address the changing needs of how we live now.

Gary Hustwit's Urbanized

Gary Hustwit, director of design documentaries Helvetica and Objectified, talks about his latest film, a global exploration of the individuals, projects and forces that shape our cities.

Questioning the Car: A Walk with Mark Gorton

Transportation and livable streets advocate Mark Gorton explains why the car is a flawed technology for cities and shares his vision for a mostly auto-free New York.

The City Dark

Documentary filmmaker Ian Cheney talks to us about light pollution, the disappearance of the night sky and what we can do to reconnect our city to the stars.

Fast-Tracked: Who Decides Where the Subway Goes?

Alexandra Woolsey Puffer and Jeff Maki share the results of a high school student team’s investigation into transit planning and the westward expansion of the 7 line.

Beyond Flyover Urbanism: Learning from São Paulo

Thaddeus Pawlowski reflects on his participation in a recent professional urban design exchange between São Paulo and New York.

Growth by Design

David Giles discusses the findings and implications of a recently launched report on the economic impact and potential of the architecture and design sectors in New York City.