Urban Omnibus Writing Competition: As Seen On [ ]

Beleaguered Backstage

Presenting one of two runners-up in our As Seen On [ ] writing competition: in an era of co-everything and economies supposedly based on sharing, Andrew Renninger asks what becomes of our cities when there are so few places to be alone.

Urban Omnibus Writing Competition: As Seen On [ ]

The Wandering Women

Presenting the winner of our As Seen On [ ] writing competition: Maya Sorabjee takes us to Bombay, where the intersection of loitering and gender potently demonstrates why occupation of physical and digital space is still a radical act.

Tune In: Soundscapes of New York

Composer and acoustician Anne Guthrie explores our fraught relationship with urban sounds and takes us on twelve sonic explorations of the city.

Nowhere but the Bronx: A Trail Marks Cultural History

Casita Maria’s Elaine Delgado and Christine Licata describe the sites, markers, and programs of the South Bronx Culture Trail and pay homage to the area's exceptional cultural history.

Beauty Within Darkness: Khalik Allah Captures 125th and Lex

Photographer and filmmaker Khalik Allah has spent three years documenting one Harlem intersection and the people who inhabit that corner at night. His striking portraits confront issues of poverty, homelessness, addiction, and illness, while showing the beauty and humanity of those who are often forgotten, feared, or willfully avoided.