Open Data Standards for City Agencies

Erratic time lines, gaps in outdated information and incompatible forms often frustrate the process of locating and accessing data from city agencies. Even learning what data exists – let alone its availability – may require some serious mining. Besides, once researchers and tech developers get their hands on data, the city may have its own ideas about...

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Inside the Regional Assembly

Samir Shah recaps “Innovation and the American Metropolis” and calls for a broad and values-based vision to guide design and planning's use of technology.

Innovation and the American Metropolis

In advance of a major policy event on technology's impact on regional planning, Tom Wright and Rob Lane discuss the meaning and uses of innovation in the New York metro-region.

Letting Off Some Steam

Jeff Maki explains Manhattan's District Steam Service as a case study in how citizens can engage in the maintenance of infrastructure.

Museum of the Phantom City

Irene Cheng and Brett Snyder share the inspiration behind their iPhone app and pose questions sparked by their research. Read their story and then go tour the unbuilt city.

Manufacturing a Real Economy

Nicole Salazar talks to Adam Friedman, former executive director of NYIRN, about the importance of the manufacturing industry in New York.

A New OASIS for New York

Steven Romalewski, one of the forces behind the development of the Open Accessible Space Information System, takes us on a tour of the online mapping resource's version 2.0.

Toward the Sentient City: Interviews

Designers reflect on how their work explores implications of ubiquitous computing for architecture and urban space.


Communication designer Sidney Blank shares the story behind STACKD, a new social networking site that helps people in Manhattan office buildings get in touch – for business or beers.

Hyperlocal news makes news: the case of Everyblock

Everyblock renders the heretofore-obscure workings of neighborhood life explicitly, in something not too far off of real time, and in unprecedentedly high resolution.