A New OASIS for New York

Steven Romalewski, one of the forces behind the development of the Open Accessible Space Information System, takes us on a tour of the online mapping resource's version 2.0.

Toward the Sentient City: Interviews

Designers reflect on how their work explores implications of ubiquitous computing for architecture and urban space.


Communication designer Sidney Blank shares the story behind STACKD, a new social networking site that helps people in Manhattan office buildings get in touch – for business or beers.

Hyperlocal news makes news: the case of Everyblock

Everyblock renders the heretofore-obscure workings of neighborhood life explicitly, in something not too far off of real time, and in unprecedentedly high resolution.

The Brooklyn Typology Project

Artist and urban planner Neil Freeman reflects on ways web-based art practice, urban planning data and tireless neighborhood exploration can inform each other, using his own work as a case study.

NYC Uncapped

What are the social, physical, and environmental implications of uncapping fire hydrants?

A Conversation with Robin Chase

The founder of Zipcar and GoLoco talks about everything from mesh networks to taxi stands to why "infrastructure is destiny."

Work and the Open Source City

Laura Forlano shares some examples of coworking in New York and discusses their implications for where, how, and with whom we work.

Fluxxlab: Making Ideas Happen

Architects Jenny Broutin and Carmen Trudell reflect on the development of their prototype for energy generating revolving doors, offering a case study for other innovators.

Who takes care of New York?

STEW-MAP plots the experience of more than 600 caretaker groups ranging in size and scope from informal block associations to national membership organizations.