A Country of Cities

Sinking ARC

We all of course know the story of Noah’s Ark -- of massive floods sent by a disgusted God to wipe out our corrupted civilization except for Noah, who, with his family, builds an Ark to save pairs of animals to eventually repopulate the planet. The contemporary take on the story has some new twists.


David Mahfouda and Alex Pasternack discuss a mobile app that could make NYC’s fleet of 13,000 taxis a more efficient, affordable, and social mode of transit.

Innovation and the American Metropolis

In advance of a major policy event on technology's impact on regional planning, Tom Wright and Rob Lane discuss the meaning and uses of innovation in the New York metro-region.

Empowering the City: London / New York

Gerald Frug contrasts the structures and powers of city government in London and New York in order to ask a crucial urban question: what are our cities empowered to do?

Off the Road and Into the Skies

As cities demand more efficient transit systems, Steven Dale argues for thinking off the road and outside the subway, and thinks that Cable-Propelled Transit could be our answer.

A Cab Ride with Rachel Abrams

Rachel Abrams breaks down the actors, information and knowledge behind the routine experience of taking a NYC taxi, and explains how design thinking can benefit urban systems.

A Conversation with Robin Chase

The founder of Zipcar and GoLoco talks about everything from mesh networks to taxi stands to why "infrastructure is destiny."


Reimagining Red Hook

Lisa Chamberlain explores the Forum for Urban Design's interdisciplinary design competition that aims to make Red Hook the most bicycle-friendly neighborhood in New York City.

Ulrich Franzen’s Street

Ulrich Franzen's 1969 film articulates a bold vision to reclaim Manhattan’s congested streets. 40 years later, we're still talking about the same thing.